I started as a newspaper journalist in Fulda, continued in Berlin and have been working as a freelance producer and editor for radio and television since 1971. There are about 100 full-length documentaries to my credit - several have won awards, like Prix Futura (two times), Prix Europa (two times), Premio Ondas (three times), Ohio State Award and Japan Prize - and I hope, there is a good number of decorations with additional grants still to come.

My work focused on World Wars I and II and other historical subjects. social life in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Soviet Union/Russia and contemporary Latin America and - of course - the unification of the two Germanies. I conducted feature workshops in New York, Brazil, Kenya, Poland, Romania, Moldavia, Holland, The Czech Republic, Argentine, Ireland, Mexico and Ecuador and lectured about "radio documentary" at Leipzig University.

I have been working as an editor of staff in the Feature Department at Sender Freies Berlin (SFB). Together with my wife I operate our own digital studio. Our son Jan Kopetzky is a free lance photographer.