"Yesterday Line" (On the last passenger liner across the North
Atlantic, 1978)
"Adolf Superman" (Young neo-nazis in the Federal Republic of
Germany, 1979)
"Soldaten" [Soldiers] (in eight parts, 1979)
"In den Tod - Hurra !" [To Our Death - Hurrah!] (Members of the
German youth regiments before Langemark, OHIO STATE
AWARD, 1980)
"Die andere Front" [The Other Front] (Women in the Second World
War, 1982)
"Im Widerstand" [In the Resistance] (Women partisans, in five
parts, JAPAN PRIZE, 1983)
"Ein Schlachtfeld wird besichtigt" [Inspection of a Battlefield]
"Auf einen friedlichen Himmel - Genossen !" [To a Peaceful Sky -
Comrades!] (New Year's Eve in Eastern Siberia, 1984)
"Die Belagerung der Macht" [Power Under Siege] (European
Peace Movement, in six parts, 1985)
"Deutschland - 8. Mai 1945" [Germany - 8 May 1945] (1985)
"Die weißen Nächte von St.Petersburg" [The White Nights of St.
Petersburg] (1986)
"Die Sehenswürdigkeit" [The Sight] (25 years of the Berlin Wall,
"Entfernte Verwandte" [Distant Relatives] (The Germany-speaking
minority in Kasakhstan, 1988)
"Aus heiterem Himmel - Tiefflugwetter in Zone 7" [Out of the Blue -
Low-Flying Weather in Zone 7] 1990)
"Sao Paulo Babylon" (1990)
"Xango" (Afro-Brazilian cults in Bahia, 1991)